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[Webinar] “Intangible Cultural Heritage on Campus” Oral Literature’s Inheritance and Development: scholars and inheritors’ talk

Time: October 25, 2020

Venue:Tencent Meeting (online)

Theme: Oral literature’s inheritance and development: talk with scholars and inheritors

Guests: Yang Lihui, Mao Qiaohui, Chi Shangming

Host: Propaganda Department of Beijing Normal University, School of Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Literature and Art Association, Research and Development Center for Intangible Culture Heritage 

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Yang Lihui, vice dean of School of Chinese Language and Literature at Beijing Normal University, professor, PhD supervisor whose major research area is intangible cultural heritage, folk literature, folklore, etc.


Mao Qiaohui, researcher of Institute of Ethnic Literature at Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS), outside PhD supervisor of School of Chinese Ethnic Minority Languages and Literatures at Minzu University of China whose major research area is academic history of folk literature, folklore, intangible cultural heritage. 


Chi Shangming, member of Beijing Literature and Art Association, the inheritor of China intangible cultural heritage project The Legend of Badaling Great Wall.



Yang Lihui: Oral literature heritage’s sustainable development——case on Nuwa myth, Grimm’s fairy tales and Indian oral literature’s tourism development

How to promote oral literature heritage’s sustainable development in modern society and build a win-win relationship between protection and development? Professor Yang Lihui will share her opinions by some cases.


Mao Qiaohui: Oral literature heritage and regional culture landscape——case on Luozu legend and Beiyun River legend

Oral literature is more difficult to protect and inherit than any other culture in intangible cultural protection. Mao Qiaohui will illustrate the mutual function of oral narration and cultural landscape by taking Luozu legend and Beiyun River in oral literature inheritance protection.


Chi Shangming: The status quo of The Legend of Badaling’s inheritance and development——from the perspective of inheritors

Chi Shangming will introduce the content of The Legend of Badaling and the inheritance situation of this project. Chi Shangming will talk about the protection of oral literature and analyze its achievement and deficiency from the inheritors’ perspective.