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[Exhibition] Back to Campus 2020 Exhibition of New Art Works


Date: September 18th to November 13th, 2020

Venue: Jingshi Art Gallery, 1st floor of the Arts Building, BNU

Host: School of Arts and Communication

Back to Campus: 2020 Exhibition of New Art Works have four sessions.

Painting & Sculpture: September 18th to September 25th;

Chinese Traditional Painting & Calligraphy: September 28th to October 16th;

Design & New Media: October 19th to October 30th;

Students’ Art Works: November 2nd to November 13th.

Color relations are like jigsaw, not considering structure and depth but the plane relation of color. Jigsaw means schema. Schema is a kind of psychological structure prior to the target of sketching nature. When it encounters the target of sketching nature, the theme intention forms. The expressions of sketching nature would be the motif.

Painters are sensitive. They are like migrant birds who specially look for places to settle down. Whether scenery or portrait, any painting opportunity cannot hide from their eyes and attract them to stop, then wholeheartedly painting.

The followings are the work appreciation.


Yi Ying 70x90cm 2020 Oil on Canvas


Li Mu 45x30cm 2020 Oil on Cardboard


Yu Jianhui 40x30x66cm 2020 Plaster


Su Dianna 26x19cm 2019 Synthetic Materials


Fan Zhibin 65x39cm 2020 Chinese ink painting


Li Jiaduo 70x140cm 2018 Chinese ink painting


Wang Pengcheng 140x189cm 2018 traditional Chinese realistic painting


Yu Xiaoyong Calligraphy 138x69cm 2018