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[Competition] 4rd "My Beautiful Encounter with China" Essay/short video Competition


Want to tell us that 2020 special story?

Bring out your pen and paper and/or camera lens,

and share your stories with us.

       为促进不同国家青年一代的人文交流,增进外国留学生知华、友华情怀和对中国发展变化的深刻认知,记录来华学生在2020年这个特殊的年度生活学习等各方面的重大变化和所有不平凡的经历,受教育部国际司委托,教育部留学服务中心将开展第四届 “我与中国的美丽邂逅”系列来华留学生征文大赛与短视频大赛。欢迎广大来华留学生和留华毕业生积极参与。


In order to promote the cultural exchanges between the younger generations from different parts of the world, enhance the understanding of overseas students about China, their friendship towards China, and their profound understanding of China ’s development and changes, record the major changes, extraordinary experiences and all aspects of the students’ stay in China in 2020. Authorized by the Ministry of Education of China, the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges (CSCSE) will launch the 4th “My Beautiful Encounter with China” series of essay and short video contests for foreign students in China. All current students and alumni of Chinese universities are welcome to participate.



一  征集对象 Participants


Current students and alumni of Chinese universities


二  参赛形式 Form of participation


Participants may choose either essay or short video or both at the same time.


三  参赛要求 Requirements


  1. 1.作品内容Content of work:




Use "My 2020" as the theme. The essay should focus on your experience and memories in China, as well as your perceptions and insights about China, and tell about the changes and positive effects brought by new technologies, new methods, new environments and new ideas on your study and life. It can involve all areas of social life and encourage people to pay attention to various hot topics related to people's livelihood. It should tell vivid and true Chinese stories and express sincere Chinese feelings.


  1. 2.征文格式要求Essay format requirements:


(1) 题目自拟,体裁不限,篇幅1000字左右。

(2) 语言要求:必须使用中文

(3) 题目字体:宋体,4号字,居中,加粗

(4) 正文字体:宋体,小4号字,1.5倍行距

(5) 扫描下方二维码,下载并填写“征文报名信息表”

(1) Theme can be decided by you. There is no restriction to the genre. The essay should be around 1000 Chinese characters.

(2) Language: The essay must be written in Chinese.

(3) Title font: Simsun, size 14, centered, bold.

(4) Essay body: Simsun, size 12, 1.5 line spacing.

(5) Scan the QR code below, download and fill out the "Essay entry Application Form"


征文报名信息表 Essay entry Application Form


  1. 3.视频格式要求Video format requirements:


(1) 题目自拟,拍摄手法不限,时长15秒-60秒,格式:MP4;

(2) 语言要求:建议使用中文,如使用英文,请配备中文字幕;

(3) 扫描下方二维码,下载并填写“短视频报名信息表”


(1) Theme can be decided by you. There is no restriction on the genre. The duration should be 15-60 seconds, MP4 format.

(2) Language: Chinese language recommended. If you use English, please add Chinese subtitles.

(3) Scan the QR code below, download and fill out the "Short Video Registration Information Form"

短视频报名信息表 Short Video Registration Information Form



NOTE: The "Video Introduction" column in the form must be filled (please fill in Chinese). It will be used for text display when the short video is released.


四  征文/视频发送方式 Submission method


1. 北京师范大学的学生/毕业生将作品与相应报名表打包发送至邮箱(如视频较大可发送百度云链接到邮箱) ,视频投稿截止时间为2020年6月8日下午19点,征文投稿截止时间为2020年6月23日下午19点。

BNU current students and alumni should package their works and the corresponding registration forms and send it to the email (if the video is large, you can send Baidu cloud link to the email). The deadline for video submission is June 8, 2020, and the deadline for essay submission is 19:00 on June 23, 2020.



The email subject should be "My Beautiful Encounter with China - Video / Essay". The essay or video file of the contest must be named in Chinese: Chinese name of the contestant + nationality + student number + essay Chinese title / video Chinese title.



1-2 personal photos can be attached.



五  评选方式


  1. 1. 征文与短视频分开评审

  2. Essays and short videos will be reviewed separately.


2. 征文评选方式:教育部留学服务中心将组织专家评委对征文作品进行评选,将优秀作品刊登于相关媒体,并结集出版。

Selection of essays: All submitted essays will be reviewed by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges (CSCSE) professional panel of judges. Outstanding essays will be published in relevant media platforms, and some will be assembled and published as a book;


3. 短视频评选方式:教育部留学服务中心对短视频作品进行初选后在相关短视频平台发布,根据视频内容、主题、互动数量等标准评选出优秀作品,并将作品在相关平台进行推送。

Short video selection method: After CSCSE’s review, selected videos will be published on relevant short video platforms. Outstanding works will be assessed based on video content, theme, number of interactions, etc., award-winning works will be pushed on the relevant platforms.



六  参赛奖项



All winners will receive corresponding rewards.



七  联系方式


北师大参赛联系人:留学生办公室 时老师




BNU Contact: Ms Shi

Telephone: 010-58800309

Contact email:





International Students Office

Beijing Normal University