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[Lecture] Coronavirus Outbreak: Warning to the Human Community


Time: 15:00 March 16, 2020

Venue: Rain Classroom online platform

Speaker: Zhang Linqi

Sponsored by: Alumni Association, College of Life Sciences, Youth League Committee, Library

Co-organized by: Center of Information and Network Technology

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Introduction to the Speaker:




Zhang Linqi


Alumnus of College of Life Sciences, Beijing Normal university

Professor of School of Medicine, Tsinghua University

Director of the Center for Global Health and Infectious Diseases, Tsinghua University

The Research team has identified the structural and biochemical features at the interface between viral surface proteins (keys) and the cell receptor protein “locks”, revealing the highest resolution so far on how virus initiates its first step of infection.  This discovery will greatly facilitate our efforts in antibody and vaccine research aiming to block key to lock interaction.


It includes information on the biological characteristics, transmission and epidemic trend of the novel coronavirus, the interaction with the body's immune system, the latest progress of medicine and vaccine development and aims to raise awareness of the public to love and protect nature.