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[Gala] Ticket Collection for Beijing International Students’ Night

“The Song of togetherness - Beijing International Students’ Night” has gone through nine years, and has become a brand cultural activity that demonstrates Beijing Normal University’s International campus culture, promotes the exchange, understanding, and integration of Chinese and foreign students.


This year December 15, at 19:00, we will usher in the tenth “Song of togetherness” at Qiujiduan Gym. A grand International party featured by different cultures in the world is about to be staged.


How to obtain tickets for Beijing Night


International Students

Time: Starting from December 10

Location: International Students Office (Jingshi Building 9910)

Detailed info: Starting from December 10 (Tuesday), International students can go to the International Students Office (Jingshi Building 9910), during office hours, to receive entrance tickets.

Note: A student can only receive one ticket, tickets are available until totally given out.

(Beijing Night performers should receive theirs from their performance coordinators.)


Exterior ticket booth

Time: December 10 and December 11 (Tuesday and Wednesday) 11:50

Location: Li Shen Road, the southwest corner outside Qiujiaduan Gym

Requirements: Strictly for BNU teachers and students. Please come with your campus card, faculty card, etc. Tickets can only be received upon presenting your ID card. One ticket for one ID card.

(International Students are advised to receive their tickets by following the “International Students” guideline above.)


WeChat ticket reservation

Time: 20:00 December 10 and 11 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Rules: To obtain tickets, comment “The Song of togetherness + your name + your student number + your contact” on the [Beijing Normal University International Students Office] WeChat platform (WeChat ID: BNUISO). Every day, the first 15 students to comment will each receive a ticket for “The Song of togetherness - 2019 International Students Night”. (Reply order will be decided according to the order shown backstage)

Obtaining Ticket: Successful students will be notified of the time to obtain their ticket the same night. Failure to obtain a ticket during the given time will be regarded as giving up the ticket (One ticket for one ID card). If you do not receive “Ticket has been successfully reserved” message, it means you could not reserve the ticket.

(International Students are advised to receive their tickets by following the “International Students” guideline above.)