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The 4th Valley Art Festival of BNU Zhuhai will Kick Off

The 4th Valley Art Festival of BNU Zhuhai is about to kick off, which will start on April 12 and end at May 25.

On April 12, a special concert to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the premiere of Yellow River Cantata will be held at the Zhuhai Grand Theater, as the Valley Art Festival’s opening ceremony.

During the art festival, which will last for more than a month, activities like music lectures, lawn music party, starry sky music festival, symphony concerts, art market and so on will be launched in succession. In the third week centered on drama, the finals of the drama dubbing competition and the 4th Zhuhai-Macao Youth Drama Festival will also be held. Two public art performances will also be held during the event.

At the same time, the Future Lifestyle Design Exhibition and the School of Future Design Achievements Exhibition will be held during the event.

On May 25, the closing ceremony of the 4th Valley Arts Festival will be held at the Huafa & CPAA Grand Theater.

Since 2020, Valley Art Festival in the BNU Zhuhai has become an highlight to show achievements of Zhuhai campus’ aesthetic education. It is also a high-quality event that enriches campus cultural life and is praised by students.