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Universities help educate students on national security

Students and teachers across China have taken different means to learn about national security as the country marked its seventh National Security Education Day on Friday.

An online lecture on the importance and content of national security had been viewed almost 15 million times by Friday. The lecture, organized by news website and Tencent, introduced the overall situation of China's national security and explained what students can do to safeguard national security.

Peking University has organized quizzes and competitions related to all things national security. Promotional videos have been disseminated and posters have been placed in student dormitories, with the university also organizing students and teachers to watch lectures on the topic.

Hunan University is using its social media platforms to promote awareness of national security among students and teachers. It also organized online seminars and invited law enforcement authorities to the school to teach students relevant laws and regulations.

Beijing Normal University has offered a course on national security for undergraduates since 2020.

Chen Yunfei, an undergraduate student at Beijing Normal University's School of History, said history education offers students the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the historic continuity of the country, promote common values and enhance national pride among students.

History education plays an irreplaceable role in building national reorganization and safeguarding national security, and more importance should be given to history education to elevate its status in the education system, Chen said.

Liu Xuanyu, student counselor at Minzu University of China in Beijing, said: "We need to be grateful for the country that we can still live peaceful and happy lives given the current turbulent international situations. Everyone has the responsibility and obligation to safeguard national security and make concrete actions to do."

Liu Junge, an undergraduate student at Beijing Normal University's School of Foreign Languages and Literature, said while China has made great achievements in political, economic and military sectors, it is still at a disadvantaged place in international public discourse.

The COVID-19 outbreak has further exacerbated the politicization and stigmatization against China among international media, which makes it more important for the country to tell its stories well to the global audience, she said.