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Institute of Chinese Information Processing


The Institute of Chinese Information Processing of Beijing Normal University was established in January 2004. The purposes of the Institute are to fully leverage the advantages of linguistics and applied linguistics of Beijing Normal University and to strengthen the basic research on the application of Chinese information processing; to promote the integration of linguistics with computer and other related disciplines, to promote the development of computational linguistics as an interdisciplinary subject;  To build a cooperation platform in the field of Chinese information processing, bring together experts and scholars from universities, research institutes and high-tech enterprises to tackle key problems collectively, and explore a new way of research on Chinese information processing theory and application; to train "amphibious" professionals versed in both linguistics and computer science for the country; to maintain China's competitiveness in the field of language and information technology and to ensure the information security of our country, nation and society.




The Institute of Chinese Information Processing has undertaken several national high-tech research and development programs (863 Program), science and technology support programs, and research programs of the State Language Commission. In terms of horizontal cooperation, the institute has established a joint laboratory for machine translation with the China Patent Information Center of the State Patent Office, a joint laboratory for artificial intelligence with Beijing Ultrapower Software Co., Ltd., and a reading grading professional committee of the Society on the Modernization of Chinese Language. The Institute has scored a series of fruitful research achievements around the construction of basic resources, research on core algorithms and research and development of applied technologies in the field of Chinese information processing.



In the recent three years, our teachers and students have published dozens of papers in ACL, EMNLP, COLING and other top-level conferences in artificial intelligence, SCI journals and core linguistics journals, won CCL-NLPNABD 2018 award for best paper, and constructed and released the most comprehensive pre-trained language embedding resources for deep learning, Chinese-Word-Vectors, and “Tang Poetry Garden”, a knowledge map for the complete collection of Tang poetry.



The institute can accept postdoctoral researchers and recruit doctoral and master's students every year. In postgraduate training, special attention is paid to the knowledge structure of interdisciplinary subjects and the research and development ability of combining theory with application. The institute is at a booming growth stage. You are warmly welcome to study or work, join our team, and jointly contribute to the development of Chinese information processing of China.