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School of Social Development and Public Policy


The School of Social Development and Public Policy (SSDPP) was founded in 2008. It was originally the Institute of Social Development and Public Policy (ISDPP), first established in 1999. Relying on Beijing Normal University's profound historical and cultural heritage, the school attaches equal importance to teaching, research and practice, and is committed to building a world class think tank base for public policy research, social work research, and talent training platform. The school is a multi-disciplinary platform, with two primary disciplines of "public management" and "sociology", of which the primary discipline of public management is Beijing's key discipline, an A- discipline of the Ministry of Education, and the disciplines of "social policy and management" and "development research" under it are among the top 100 in QS world university discipline rankings.




The motto of the school is “Extensive Learning and Rigorous Action”. The school has 32 full-time teachers, including 14 professors, 13 associate professors, 5 lecturers, of whom three are foreign teachers. In addition, there is one overseas distinguished professor and 26 postdoctoral researchers, administrative staff members and research assistants. 44% of the full-time teachers have obtained doctorates overseas, and 80% of the teachers have more than half a year of overseas study experience. Under the school there is a gerontology research center, a family and children research center, a social welfare research center, a population mobility and urbanization research center, a social organization personnel training center and other institutions.



At present, the school enrolls and trains academic postgraduate, master of public administration (MPA), master of social work (MSW) and master of international degree program of "contemporary China development research" (DSCC). Currently, there are 400 students. The MSW program is among the first social worker talents training bases of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and ranks top in the field of social worker education in China.



Committed to providing policy advice and social services to central and local governments and social institutions at all levels, the school has undertaken a number of key projects of the National Social Science Foundation, major key research projects of the Ministry of Education and projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, having won important awards including the Beijing Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences, the Chinese Government Publishing Award Book Nomination Award and other important awards.


Over many years, the school has established partnership with many famous overseas universities and academic institutions, such as the University of Hong Kong, the University of Southern California, and the University of Pennsylvania. With frequent international exchange activities such as student exchanges and teacher visits, the SSDPP is one of the schools with the highest level of internationalization at BNU.