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Spirit of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team Discussed at Forum



The Chinese women's volleyball team. [Photo/Xinhua]


Organized by Beijing Normal University, a forum on the spirit of the Chinese women's volleyball team in the new era was held on Saturday in Beijing. Around 500 participants from different fields attended the forum.


Scholars and experts gave keynote speeches, sharing their perspectives on the spirit of women's volleyball and on the building of sports power. Lang Ping, chief coach of women's volleyball team, also shared her views.


Cheng Jianping, the Party chief of Beijing Normal University, said in his speech women's volleyball has great influence, and inspired people to struggle for their aspirations. The spirit of women's volleyball has not only demonstrated patriotism but also brought confidence and courage to people when facing new challenges.


As the country has entered a new era, it should continue to carry forward this spirit, integrating it with patriotism education, Cheng said.


Zhong Bingshu, President of Capital University of Physical Education and Sports, said in his speech learning about women's volleyball has taught people important lessons, such as solidarity and coordination.


The experts also said all people should endeavor to move forward through learning the spirit of women's volleyball and contribute to socialist modernization.